For any enquiries and membership details contact:


Membership Enquiries

Prospective new members are made very welcome and should contact the Honorary Secretary at the above email address who will arrange for you to attend a luncheon with no commitment. For any eequirie, please contact the chairman, David Parsons on 01935 414765

  • Annual Subscription for 2024 –  £20
  • 2 Course Luncheons – around £15
  • Dress for lunches – jacket & tie, or lounge suit.




The name of the Club, founded 8th December 1986, is THE PROBUS CLUB OF YEOVIL


Membership is open to all professional and business men, aged sixty and over, who have fully or partially retired from their normal profession or business, but the age restriction may be waived at the discretion of the Committee.


  The Committee will review any membership where a member misses three consecutive  lunches or attends less than seven lunches in a year.


The affairs of the Club shall be delegated to a Committee normally consisting of no more than seven honorary officers elected at the Annual General Meeting – viz

                                    Chairman                                Immediate Past Chairman

                                    Secretary                                 Treasurer

                                    Luncheon Secretary                Speaker Secretary

                                    Social Secretary                      Social Co-ordinator

All nominations to serve on the Committee must be proposed and seconded by two members of the Club and accompanied by evidence to confirm the nominee’s acceptance.  Verbal nominations may be made ‘from the floor’ at the Annual General Meeting, whilst written nominations should be submitted to the Secretary on the appropriate form at least weeks before the Annual General Meeting.

Three members of the Committee shall constitute a Quorum.

The Annual General Meeting shall appoint from its current members an Independent Examiner who will not be a member of the Committee.

All members of the Committee and the Independent Examiner shall retire at the Annual General Meeting after the election, but may offer themselves for re-election.

The Committee shall have the authority to appoint a sub-committee of and/or co-opt other members but, unless specifically authorised by the Annual General Meeting will be restricted to the Officers appointed at Annual General Meeting.  In the event of any Officer holding more than one post he shall be entitled to only one vote.

The Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy that may arise on the committee subject to it being reported at the next luncheon meeting.

The previous Annual General Meeting minutes shall be available to members at the preceding Annual General Meeting.


The monthly lunches shall normally be arranged for the second Monday of each month.  The Annual Speakers programme will indicate any variation in this date.

Members are deemed to be attending each meeting unless the Luncheon Secretary is advised of non-attendance.  The Luncheon Secretary (or other designated officer) must be notified by 9pm on the Thursday prior to the date of the meeting if a member does not intend to be present (for whatever reason). Failure to give notice will mean that the member remains liable to meet the current cost of the lunch as the caterers require full payment on the numbers submitted to them by the Luncheon Secretary.  Exceptions from this charge on the grounds of extenuating circumstances will be considered by the Committee.  Guests of members are welcome providing prior notice is given to the Luncheon Secretary before the above deadline.

Dress code for the luncheon is tie, lounge suit, jacket, or blazer.

The Annual General Meeting will be held at such a time and place as may be designated by the Committee and at least three weeks’ notice of the meeting.

The Secretary shall call a Special General Meeting on the written request of at least twelve members and the Secretary shall give at least three weeks notice of the meeting.

Voting at all meetings will be a show of hands, or by ballot if so determined. In the event of even division of votes the Chairman of the meeting shall have a second vote.


The Clubs subscription shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting.


An Income and Expenditure Account duly examined by the appointed Examiner shall be prepared by the Treasurer for approval at the Annual General Meeting.


In exceptional circumstances the Committee may make changes to the Rules.  Any significant change can only be at the Annual General Meeting.