Luncheons and Speakers


The Probus Club of Yeovil meets at Yeovil Court Hotel, West Coker Road, Yeovil BA20 2HE – normally on the second Monday of each month

Due to the Covid 19 Crisis all lunches have had to be cancelled until further notice. The Club is monitoring the guidelenes etc. and will resume luncheons once it is possible to do so.


Members are currently meeting on-line, still on the second Monday of each month, at 11.00am where we have arranged guest speakers throughout 2021.


8 March  Neil Morris  – The Mission of the Salvation Army

12 April  Ian Williamson – Adventures in Tanzania

10 May  John Craig ex Wiltshire Fire Chief  – Going to Blazes

14 June    Mark Richards Millbank  – My Life in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe

12 July   Dr Francis Burroughes  – The Wonderful World of Glass

9 August  Vince Lean – How We’ve Changed Since Victorian Times

13 September Clifford Humphreys – The Carrier Strike Group in the 2020s

11 October  – Tom Stokes  -Electric Vehicles

8 November – Annual General Meeting

13 December – Capt. David Parsons – The Merchant Navy